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Substance Abuse

“Everyone deserves a second chance, as long as there is hope in life”.

We are affiliated with Tellin Medicine LLC. Our sister company for primary care and telemedicine .We provide substance abuse care, Homecare and consultation via Telemedicine .We Recognize that opiates have devastated many communities in America and the opiate epidemic warrants a new approach . Incarceration and criminalization of victims has failed. The Solution or approach will involve all those who know someone whose life has been impacted by opiate epidemic.

All American’s facts: " Number of young American’s killed in the Vietnam war over 10 years period-58000. Number of young American’s 15-40 years killed in the opiate epidemic over 1 year 2/2016 - 2/2017 - 73000."

Imagine if we had an infections disease that killed 73000 young American’s every year what would governments do about it? What if it is a preventable disease and We do nothing about it or begin to arrest and lockup all these infected by the new infectious agent? In time we are all likely to be affected by the disease. Common sense has proved to be not so common after all. When your neighbor’s house is on fire you don’t just watch from the balcony, you get down to help as much as possible .All you may do as little as your presence, and it goes a long way to the heart . “The opiate Epidemic is a physician/pharmacist caused epidemic with the FDA as referee, DEA as spectator and the public as social victims or economic victims depending on the impact in your life.” The healing process for this will begin with our apology to you the patient and a promise to help you heal the spiritual wound.