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Substance Abuse

" Everyone deserves a second chance, as long as there is hope in life."

At care comfort Docs clinics P.C we recognize the opiate epidemic is not going to go away without the recognition of its impact to our friend, Neighbors and sometimes family neighbors, co-workers, team mates.

1. We recognize the locking up victims of the drug epidemic has failed to solve the problem.
2. We recognize that substance abuse is a social, and not a criminal problem and laws that ruin further that lines of substance abuse victims and ultimately have a negative impact on communities need to be replaced by more solution minded laws. If you have a substance abuse problem or know someone you love who is ready to get help and support we take a chance on them.
3. We have a team of providers who are not going to be judgmental.
4. We provide suboxone therapy for opiate addiction. Patients selected to be under our care will be required to sign an agreement to do their part. Random drug testing is mandatory.
5. We treat everyone with dignity .We do have a “proper dressing “code to which all our patients must here to be served.
6. We have a view that if the patient takes care of their physical spiritual self it is easier for us to care of their spiritual and physical health and psychiatric help.
7. We can only help those who are ready to help themselves first. We are your backup. The health belongs to your the patient.
8. We accept Insurances.